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Remote Support

Got computer problems? It may be possible for us to fix it remotely.

We use Mikogo to log in to your Windows PC to assess your problem and try to fix it.

Mikogo in action

With a small download to your computer we can take control of your desktop and see exactly what you can see. You can show us what’s not working and we can then take control of your keyboard and mouse remotely to see what we can do.

If you’ve already spoken to us and are ready to connect to a remote session:

The PSV Circle

The PSV Circle’s website has had a refresh and upgrade for 2020.

The PSV Circle produce lists of bus vehicle details covering a worldwide area.

The refreshed PSV Circle shop

Based on the Opencart platform, the new website has taken elements of The PSV Circle’s refreshed product design to influence the stylings of this modern online shop.


The Greater London Bus Map

This year we’ve redesigned the website for The Greater London Bus Map.

The Greater London Bus Map is a series of independently produced maps covering bus services across the Greater London area.

The new look busmap.co.uk

The new website uses the latest Bootstrap 4 framework to create a responsive, mobile-friendly layout that resizes itself based on the device being used. The old website has been maintained by iZedIT for a number of years and this is the first time it’s had a major redesign since the site was first created.